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Soul Regeneration Healing

Soul Regeneration Healing is an extremely powerful healing process which releases you from energies that no longer serve you, Karmic ties and Ancestral threads.

For the first time you will feel whole…not complete, for that is an ongoing process of unfolding, but you will feel whole. You become empowered to step out of the ‘revolving door’ of cyclical, habitual or addictive patterns of behaviour. Enabled to sit in the unfamiliar space of being with your true self. Able to process uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and memories once suppressed or avoided.

You will be okay with allowing your masks to fall away and start to reconnect to your true essence and purpose.

This incredibly powerful healing process is challenging but also deeply rewarding for those who are ready to embrace it. It is a process that takes several months to complete. It involves 29 Shamanic ceremonies over the course of approx. 11 x 2 hour sessions.

In this healing process we shall be working with Faery Guides and Nature Spirits to take care of the part of your soul essence that has looked after you through thick and thin, we call this our ‘caretaker’ soul part. When traumatic situations have occurred in our lives and part of our soul essence has fragmented away (disempowering us), this part has always stayed to look after us, but now needs its own healing. By the end of this healing process you will be reconnected to your Divine Essence (an enlightened part of your Christ consciousness) and your fully regenerated and empowered Soul ‘caretaker’. These two powerful aspects you will now begin to guide your magical creative self toward your true purpose and deepest desires in a life with more meaning, grace and joy.

“After more than 20 years of working on myself and searching, the Soul Regeneration Healing process brought me home to my core. I have experienced such deeply fundamental changes that these are naturally permeating into my outward behaviour and dealings during my day to day life. I have noticed that old patterns have fallen away and I am now living from a place that is more grounded and whole than ever before. I wish that every person had the courage to embark on this extraordinary journey to their true selves.”

– Eluria

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