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Shoulder & Neck Pain

Shoulder and neck pain is often a condition created from a restriction that has developed in the Cervical vertebrae and can also have an impact on the arms, elbows and hands, in the form of tingling, numbness, stiffness or weakness. It can also be the cause of headaches etc.

I would initially treat these symptoms with Yumeiho Therapy, depending on whether there were any other symptoms and the severity of the situation. Yumeiho Therapy enables me to release restrictions, blockages and tension in Cervial and Thoracic vertebrae through massage and joint adjustments. It frees up movement in the shoulder joints, elbows, wrists and fingers. It also works with the connective tissue in these areas which also assists with the relief of pain and restrictions in free movement of the neck, shoulders, arm and hands.

The inability to move one’s neck freely often leads to increase tension elsewhere in the middle and lower back as you begin to move your whole body in order to look from side to side. Yumeiho Therapy works to release these affected areas as well as where the immediate problem has manifest most severely. I would recommend that once the neck and shoulders have been freed of their restrictions, the client has some Hologenic Therapy in order to release the underlying tensions that may have led to the pain manifesting in the neck and shoulders, in order to help preventing taking hold again in the place or elsewhere in the body.

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