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Shamanic Healing Pilgrimage

Over 7 days and 52 miles (85 km) a Shamanic Healing Pilgrimages covers the last part of the Camino de Santiago, in Northwest Spain known as ‘The Camino Finisterre’. Each day we will expect to cover a distance of 13 miles (20km). There is assistance to carry your luggage – all or part of it- if you wish. A taxi service is also an option and fully integrated into the pilgrimage.

This is a Spiritual journey, rather than a strict religious one, however, all are welcome (bring an open mind).

The purpose of the Shamanic Healing Pilgrimage is to give yourself dedicated time and space, in nature, connecting with your individual spirit guides. You will be taught how to do Shamanic Journeying in order to meet your Spirit guides. Your guides will support and empower you to work through the challenging process of adjusting changes, loss and offer guidance on big decisions you may need to make. The shamanic healing pilgrimages are available for everyone, whether you are facing up to life’s biggest challenges, or simply wishing to create positive change through softening or letting go of behaviours that no longer serve you.

The shape of the pilgrimage

Day 1: Introductions, settling in, outline of what to expect

Days 2 – 5: will be full walking days. They will also include ceremonies and Shamanic journeying at the start, middle or end of the day

Day 6: Final ceremonies in Finisterre, return to Santiago (by bus), closing down sacred space, summing up and celebratory meal.

Day 7: Farewells.

More details:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your individual needs, requests, and situation. I will be delighted to accommodate you and discuss how a pilgrimage can meet your situation and move your forward in the physical, spiritual and emotional realm.

The pilgrimages can take place all year round, but between March–June and September–November the scenery is spectacular, and it is cooler.

It is very important to point out that this experience is about working with people and ‘the most powerful, natural medicine’ there is:

Your Self, Mother Nature and your Spirit Guides

It does not involve any drugs whatsoever. Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Alcohol or Mind altering poisonous frog secretions are not required for this medicine to:

‘Gently show you where you are and powerfully guide you to where you need to be’

Alcohol and drugs are not permitted to be taken or consumed during the period of ‘sacred space’ being open.

There will be an opportunity to drink during the celebratory evening meal after closing the space down on the last evening.

Every day we will walk gently and steadily, with a number of rest/refreshment breaks included. People with a normal fitness level (who keep active but don’t necessarily train) should have no problems with this amount of walking in a day.

Light rucksacks to carry the things suggested on our kitlist will normally be carried by each individual although these can be sent ahead to our next destination by taxi, if needed. Individuals can also use a taxi if they find they are struggling with any part of the walking element of this experience.

The walking aspect of this journey plays an important and integral role in the overall experience, but should not stop you attending if you are unable to achieve that on, any part of, or all of the days walks. You will still be able to take part in connecting to your Spirit guides to support what you are asking for and the guidance you need.

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