In order to relieve the symptoms of Sciatica I would use a variety of techniques. Sciatica can be incredibly debilitating and painful. It often appears out of nowhere and is often activated by a seemingly innocuous activity or physical movement. My own personal experience with Sciatica and Lower back pain (Lumbago) revealed to me that the source of Sciatica is based in our latent inner tension. My personal experience revealed to me that the source of this latent inner tension is stored within our bodies cellular memory. It is triggered by the build up of tension around our memories (not just personal, but Ancestral too) and the emotional content attached to those memories. When our emotions are triggered around memories that resonate in an experience we have either had, are having, or anticipating having,(consciously or otherwise) Sciatica can strike without any warning whatsoever.

In other words….It’s a wake up call!

A reminder to connect with your unconscious, unprocessed, painful memories that are now saying, quite emphatically, “we need your attention”.

Without a doubt, I would start with Hologenic Therapy, as this is exactly what it is designed to work with. Releasing tension from the bodies cellular memory. Once the situation feels like it is less volatile I would begin to alternate Hologenic Therapy with Yumeiho Therapy. The purpose of this would be to balance the bodies structure and systems as the Hologenic Therapy releases tensions from deep within the body, and from which there can sometimes be a reaction in the client, as they begin to process any unfolding change and/or transformation. From time to time I would also suggest a Reiki treatment in order to enable the client to better connect with other energies that will assist their healing and release from this condition.

I would also suggest to the client that this is a good indication that they may want to consider joining me on a Shamanic Healing Pilgrimage. Taking some dedicated time and space for themselves in nature connecting with their Spirit Guides will be a powerful aid in working with any subconscious/ancestral memories that are asking for their full attention for release and transformation.

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