A Reiki treatment is a fully clothed – floor, chair or table based treatment lasting 60 minutes.

The purpose of Reiki is to remind or reconnect you, at an energetic level, to the natural process in order to promote self healing on different levels of your physical, emotional and spiritual levels of being.

The Universe is made of energy (or vibrations). Everything in it is made of energy, from the rocks we stand on, to our bodies, and to our very thoughts and emotions. Being alive is a process of energy passing through us.

Reiki practitioners are taught ways of increasing the flow of energy through themselves. By increasing this flow, practitioners pass this energy through the hands and heal the client. Because reiki is a natural process, that every living thing does all the time, Reiki can in no way harm anyone or anything. The client’s body automatically knows how much of this energy it needs, what particular frequency it needs and where it is to be used.

Reiki Training

Level 1 – A 1 day course in which you are taught/attuned to work with Reiki at a personal level or with family and friends.

Level 2 – A 1 day course in which you are taught/attuned to work with Reiki at a professional level with fee paying clients.

Level 3 – A 2 day course in which you are taught/attuned to teach Reiki at levels 1, 2 and 3.

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