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Leg & Hip Pain

For a client experiencing leg and hip pain I would again assess the severity of the tension or restriction of movement involved. If the tension or restriction is low level, I would suggest Yumeiho Therapy as a starting treatment. This treatment would help with the assessment of where the principle blockages or restrictions are that may be causing the discomfort or pain. It also serves to reveal to myself and the client where specifically they may be holding onto any tension that is causing the pain. It also helps to relieve that tension once it is located or felt.

Yumeiho Therapy helps the whole body return to a place of balance which allows free flowing information and energy around the bodies systems, allowing it to function more healthily, thus avoiding blockages building up that lead to painful symptoms developing. Yumeiho Therapy resets the pelvis to a balanced position, as well as freeing any restrictions that may be present in the hip joints, knees, ankles or toes. The freeing of the pelvis and hip joints, in particular, can have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to move much more freely and have a significant impact on relieving pain in the hips and legs.

Hip joints can sometimes get quite stuck, and so it can sometimes take a number of treatments in order to free any restrictions in the hip joints.

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