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Energy Healing

The key to effective energy work is in…getting out of the way!

Effectiveness in this type of work is directly related to creating a clear channel or pathway along which (Universal) energy is allowed to flow into us in order for us to be able to recognise how we can better connect with our higher self or feel that bit closer to fulfilling our highest potential.

The more the practitioner can achieve this clearer channel the better able the client is better able to feel this healing at an energetic level.

The energy is rather like the creation of a silent and watchful space in what was a formerly crowded and noisy room.

Energy Healing allows the client to ‘see’ what most needs healing, at any one time and gives them the energy they need in order to bring that healing about.

It is rather like two individuals energies connecting in order to allow another powerful energy to flow more freely to where it is most needed in order to facilitate greater connection to oneself and the healing that is brought about through that connection.

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