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Deep Tissue Massage

The art of deep tissue massage is in the practitioners ability to know how deep to go….where, when, how, why and to what end.

Deep tissue massage is not about randomly and thoughtlessly applying as much power as you can, and with no idea as to what you are trying to achieve.

Deep tissue massage requires extreme sensitivity, laser like focus, powerful concentration, wide angled and multi levelled awareness, deep trance and a very gentle but powerful delivery.

It`s purpose is not to go as deep as possible but rather to know where the correct depth is. To approach that depth along the correct pathway(s), at the correct time and at the right speed.

It is an exploration. One must find the way, as it is shown to you…by an inner guide you cannot see but that you must learn how to follow.

The purpose of deep tissue massage is to eleviate, where possible, unnecessary pain and suffering at the deepest levels.This is achieved by connecting with an individual’s contoured map of inner tension, in such a way as to not activate the stress response that relates to that tension. The practitioner must find, then follow the clients inner guidance as it leads to those parts of the mind body that are now ready to be sat with, breathed through, then released for transformation. Fulfilling what for so long has been an unreleased breath around this inner tension, releases both mind and body from its own protective imprisonment.

Freedom from pain…changes everything!

Hologenic therapy is built around this principle and skilled application and essentially works with tension held within the soft tissue of the body.

Yumeiho Therapy, in a different way, works with the tension held within the joints of the body, particularly the unfulfilled breath trapped within the Synovial fluid of the joints.

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