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Back & Lower Back Pain

The treatment I would propose for this condition would depend on its severity. If, for example, the client was having severe difficulty in moving, I would initially recommend Hologenic Therapy, as it is more massage based, flexible in its application and excellent for reducing tension. It would allow me to not only assess where the greatest tension is being held at the time of treatment but also where the source of the pain may be coming from, as expression and source often differ. It would also allow me the opportunity to assist the client to relax sufficiently enough to feel a lot less tension in and around the area in question. Hologenic Therapy also allows me to switch between differing modes of treatment as and when the need arises. I can listen to what the body needs and apply the appropriate technique immediately to the area that needs it. It is not uncommon to switch from deep tissue massage to a much softer contact or move into Reiki.

Once the extremely restrictive tension has been calmed to a sufficient level that allows the client more freedom of movement and easier breathing, I may introduce a few Yumeiho Therapy Osteoarticular adjustments, if appropriate, Particularly to the Sacroiliac joints, Lumbar and Cervical vertebrae.

When freedom of movement has significantly improved and pain levels have much reduced I would introduce a full Yumeiho therapy treatments in order to realign the whole skeletal structure of the client. The vast majority of spinal tension, which has developed into painful symptoms actually has at its source, a misaligned pelvis that the rest of the spinal column has begun to compensate for and created blockages and restrictions further up the back.

This whole process may take a few treatments or perhaps just one.

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